Online submission of REQUEST FOR POSTAL VOTE

This application allows postal vote requests to be filled out and submitted online, without the need to go to a Spanish Post Office to submit the request.

What do you need? To be able to authenticate and electronically sign your request. To this end, you must have a digital certificate or electronic DNI and have AutoFirma installed on your computer. is an electronic signature application developed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.
To install the most up-to-date version for your computer's operating system, you can download AutoFirma from here.
We recommend using a version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari from among those required by AutoFirma depending on your operating system (please see the installation documentation downloaded with AutoFirma)
From here you can see which certificates are accepted.
Who can use the app to submit a request for a postal vote? This application can be used by: 1. Voters residing in Spain. Once the request has been submitted online, if it is accepted by the Electoral Roll Office, you will not be able to vote at a polling station on election day. 2. Voters residing overseas who are temporarily in Spain and entitled to vote in the elections. This service cannot be used by voters residing in Spain who are temporarily overseas or voters residing overseas and requesting to do so from their country of residence.
Instructions for completion and submission The process will initially ask you for your electronic DNI, which you must have inserted in your card reader, or a valid digital certificate which you must have installed on your computer. You must enter the required data for the request, and the system will automatically ask you to sign it electronically (You must have AutoFirma installed on your computer). Once you have electronically signed with AutoFirma, your request will be submitted and you will be able to download a copy. In the event that your request is accepted by the Electoral Roll Office, in order for you to exercise your right to vote, you will be sent the postal vote documentation to the address you have indicated in the request.
Deadline for sending your request It can be requested from the date of the announcement and up until  (both included).
Acceptance of conditions for electronic request for postal vote In order to submit your request for a postal vote online, you must accept the data protection policy.
I have read and accept the data protection policy.
If you have already submitted your request for a postal vote online, you can consult it.

The deadline to submit your request has been reached.